We’re going green baby!

Apr 27, 2021

Celebrating Earth Month with some big changes…

We live on a beautiful planet, one with all the perfect conditions to nurture and sustain human life.  Think about it: in astronomy, a planet orbiting its sun at just the right distance for liquid water to exist on its surface (not too hot, not too cold, juuuuust right), is referred to as being in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’.  That’s us!  We get to live in the Goldilocks Zone of our galaxy!  

“Through an amazingly ordered combination of factors, this spinning ball of earth, air, fire, and water—with its hydrological, carbon, nitrogen, and rock cycles, biological diversity and ideal distance from the sun—provides perfect conditions for human life to flourish. April is Earth Month, and there’s no better time to take action for the environment.” – David Suzuki

And here on the West Coast we’re lucky enough to be immersed in all the magic and wonder this incredible planet has to offer.  The mountains, the ocean, the trees, the wildlife, we are surrounded year-round by so much natural beauty.  It’s the most precious gift, and we believe it must be protected.

As the world faces a serious global climate change crisis, it’s important – now more than ever – to stand up together and make change happen.  Did you know that North American salons put 877 lbs of waste in landfill and waterways every single minute?!  That equates to 420,000 lbs a day… YIKES.  That’s pretty yuck-yuck.

We want to do our part for this precious planet of ours.  So we’re proud to announce that all Foxy Box locations are now Green Circle Certified Sustainable salons!  This means we’ll be collecting and shipping up to 95% of our waste to Green Circle partners to be recycled, recovered and repurposed, so that no waste will end up in a landfill or waterway. 


What is Green Circle?

Green Circle Salons is the world’s first sustainable salon solution dedicated to recycling, recovering and repurposing beauty waste from salons and spas; helping to “keep people and the planet beautiful”.  They’re certified by B Corp and the Carbon Trust, acknowledging that they meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility, and meet requirements for Zero Waste to Landfill.

Founded in Toronto in 2009, the organization has quickly expanded across the country and into the U.S. collecting recyclables and hazardous waste and repurposing them.  They now have over 16,000 members across the continent who are making an impact – one bag of beauty waste at a time. 

Beauty waste is sent to a facility in Vancouver run by the Green Circle Salon program, which already collects waste from 16,000 beauty salons across Canada.  The program recycles, recovers or repurposes typical waste from salons, such as hair clippings, hair colourants and single-use items, such as nail files, waxing strips and cotton swabs.  Because the disposable masks and gloves could be contaminated, they will be incinerated to create energy, with the leftover ash used as a filler in asphalt.


What happens to the beauty waste?

To responsibly recycle and reclaim salon waste, Green Circle partners with over 40 like-minded companies across North America. That includes recycling facilities, chemical waste facilities, clean energy producers, bio-composite plastic producers and more. They have thoroughly investigated all of our partners to ensure all the touchpoints of the waste journey are sustainably managed.

In the case of our beauty waste at Foxy Box, single use items like wax strips and applicators are used in a waste-to-energy process to create clean renewable energy.  The leftover ash is then used as a filler in asphalt for paving roads.  Pretty neat huh?


How does this impact you?

To cover the ongoing costs of the program, we’ve started to include a small eco fee of $1 to our services. The revenue we generate through this eco-fee covers the ongoing program costs of collecting, sorting and shipping our waste to the Green Circle facilities.  We hope that this small eco fee seems like a reasonable price to know that your beauty waste is being handled responsibly.  And we truly appreciate your support as we implement this new program; thank you for contributing to environmental change and sustainability with us.  Together we can make a difference!


Would you like to learn more about Green Circle Salons?  Check out their website to learn more about how they repurpose beauty waste. 

Are you wanting to get more involved in environmental efforts?  Head to www.earthday.ca to check out some suggestions of activities to do at home and in your community!

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