Foxy Box Wax Bar

Welcome to Foxy Box.

WELCOME TO FOXY BOX, your #1 destination for the quickest, most effective, and most fun hair removal services on the market. Our mission is to leave you feeling energized and powerful, so you can celebrate your uniqueness and embrace your inner fox! 

Our masterful Vagicians are experts in the art of the Brazilian, and we guarantee that our proprietary foxy technique can’t be beat. Seriously though… we’ve got it down to a science.   We provide superior services and are committed to dispelling the discomfort of hair removal by cultivating a warm and inclusive environment. Here at Foxy Box, we believe feeling foxy is not a luxury, but a basic human right. 

Serving bold, empowering branding with a side of fierce, fresh flavour (and just a dash of cheekiness), we’re bringing heart and humour to the beauty industry, one box at a time. Visit one of our wonderful laser & wax bars to experience the foxy effect firsthand. 

We’re starting a foxy revolution and everyone’s invited! 

Meet the mastermind,
Kyla Dufresne.

A hard-working, motorcycle-riding, ultra-capable, badass boss babe with endless ambition. From a young age, this bright-eyed whippersnapper from Kamloops was destined to carve her own path.

Shortly after moving to Victoria, Kyla’s entrepreneurial zeal was sparked by her first Brazilian where she experienced first-hand the benefits of waxing. She promptly threw out her razor and began creating a business plan. In between bartending shifts, Kyla committed what little hours remained in her schedule to pouring her heart and soul into building the business. From humble beginnings—waxing out of the back of a jewellery store—to what Foxy Box is today, Kyla has worked tirelessly to build a business that supports her vision that feeling foxy is not a luxury…it’s a basic human right.

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