Waxing Vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which One’s Right For You?

Nov 16, 2020

A classic debate, like chocolate or Vanilla, how does one decide?  On the menu today we have for you two very effective hair removal methods, both with their own merits and considerations, the task at hand is to decide which method will suit you best.  Luckily, your friendly neighbourhood Vagicians are here to guide you!  Read on to learn which is right for you: waxing vs. laser…


Wax On Wax Off

Let’s start with waxing, the original Foxy service, the traditional Brazilian wax, an oldie but a goodie, what are the pros and cons of this classic offering?  There’s no sophisticated technology involved, in fact humans have been removing hair with this sticky substance for thousands of years.  The only implements required are fairly basic, meaning that the quality of your experience depends completely on the skill level of your technician.  The tools are simple, but the technique is much more elaborate than the point and shoot method required in laser hair removal.  

So why choose wax?  There’s a much lower price point upfront, which makes this service more accessible than laser.  Especially with the killer bargains we offer at Foxy, you can get a full Brazilian wax for as low as $35 (check out our membership The Fox Club).  Another advantage of waxing is that you only need to avoid heat and bacteria for a day or two after your service.  Laser services require that you avoid sun exposure for a month before AND after your treatment because of increased vulnerability to UV rays, which can be tricky during the warmer summer months.  So booking a wax takes less preparation and consideration, which is more convenient overall.  

One last feature of waxing is that the results are instantaneous but temporary, meaning you don’t have to wait to enjoy that silky, smooth skin (with laser your hairs won’t always fall out immediately, they’ll shed over a period of days to weeks).  BUT when you wax your hair will grow back in a matter of weeks.  Let’s review our findings: waxing is less expensive up front, requires less preparation, and delivers immediate results.  Now that you’ve got the 411 on waxing, let’s explore the advantages of laser hair removal.


Zip Zap Zoom, Beam Me Up Foxy

Next on the menu we have laser beams, the future of fuzz-removal, the new-new, the super speedy zap machine!  This sophisticated technology sounds like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie: a state-of-the-art handheld machine releases a light that is absorbed by the melanin in your hair, that light energy is then converted to heat, which damages your follicles, inhibiting further growth.  Pretty far out, huh babe?

Laser hair removal has a higher price point upfront, but because of the permanent effects, it’s actually more cost effective over time!  Think about getting waxed every month for the rest of your life, versus purchasing a bundle of 6 laser treatments, I’m no mathlete but I’m pretty sure laser makes more fiscal sense.  And here comes the best part… laser treatments keep you smoother for longer!  After years of temporary fixes like shaving, tweezing, waxing, and using those gnarly depilatory creams that dissolve your hair and dry up your skin, a treatment that offers longer-lasting hair reduction sounds pretty fantastic.  

With laser you’ll see a steady decrease in hair thickness and in the amount of hair present, AND an added bonus to this dramatic reduction in hair growth is the decrease in ingrowns that most clients experience.  Let’s recap: laser is more cost effective over time, it offers permanent results and it eliminates ingrown hairs.  

Still not sure which method to choose?


Why Choose One When You Can Have Both?

Personally, this is my favourite option.  I choose both!!!  I like to use different methods of hair removal for different parts of my body, because of the variation in cost, the permanence, the sensation, etc.  I have a hair removal schedule that makes sense for me.  


I’ll Have What She’s Having!

No matter what you choose, whether you book in for waxing, laser or BOTH, our promise remains the same: total convenience, unmatched consistency and the BEST hair removal experience EVER. Period.  Our Vagicians are experts in efficient, effective Brazilians.  What we’re trying to say is this: there’s no wrong answer, only wonderful options.  Book in at your local Box to experience the Foxy Effect firsthand.


*Are you still on the fence?  Unsure about what hair removal method is right for you?  Click here to book your free consultation at your local shop and learn more about our services!

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