Self Care September

Sep 28, 2018

Happy Fall, Babes! May we all be blessed with earth tones, knee-high boots, and 175493 yards of scarf!  And while we are celebrating the arrival of autumn, let’s not forget there is another part of this season that comes for students, and that’s the stress of returning to your studies. Whether you’re heading back for another year, or starting fresh at a brand new school, here are some ways to combat the stress and take care of yourself. Now, we don’t want your PSL to get cold, so we’ll be brief!

Book in some reading

I know if feels like you already have a MILLION books and reading materials to get through this semester, but it’s also important to give your brain a rest from learning and retention and let it wander around in a fun story with interesting characters.  Even if you only have 30 mins a day to yourself, make yourself a cup of tea and curl up with your favourite story and read a chapter. It will be waiting for you tomorrow to pick up again and it gives you something to look forward to. Plus you don’t even have to shower or put on pants to do this! No fuss, no muss!

Sneak in some social time

Social time? Are we nuts? Between juggling schedules and writing your first papers, when the HECK do you have time for that? Did you know that ANY positive interaction is helpful and considered social time? Why not come and get a quick service with your favourite Vagician? A bikini wax or brow tint can be done in under 20 minutes and think of all the stories you’ll hear and laughs you’ll have while that’s happening? It’s like reading but the characters are real AND you’ll leave feeling fresh, feisty and ready to tackle the rest of your insane list of to-dos! Now, run you fantastic smart fox’s and publish a study that supports this theory!

Babe on a Budget

Are you a Babe on a budget? Remember we are always posting awesome deals and promotions on our instagram so head on over and check out how we can get you foxy for less! As a quickly expanding brand, we are constantly training up our troops.  Which means we are always on the hunt for Models who are confident in helping our babes learn the ropes. If you don’t mind having two foxes in the room and like FREE services, email your local den to be put on our model call list and receive emails when we’re doing training 🙂 Alternatively, once our Vagicians have completed their training we offer their smooth skills at a 30% discount until they can get their times as quick like a fox as their mentors.  We’re here for you babes no matter the budget, besides, us Foxes aren’t just here to wax you and scoot you out the door. We are here to hang, listen, laugh and help you put your best self forward. Our mission is clear: to inspire and empower you to celebrate your uniqueness and rock what you’ve got.


See you at the Box Girlfriend!

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