Foxy Box Takes Calgary With First Alberta Location!

Jun 24, 2022


The Best Waxing In Calgary Is Here!


That’s right babes, there’s a new fox in town! Our Vagicians have landed in Calgary, Alberta, and we’re proud to be offering the best laser hair removal and best waxing in Calgary! We sat down with our Franchise Partner Taheera to check in and see what life after joining the Foxy Family has been like. Read on to hear an update from our fabulous boss babe in Calgary!


How did you know Foxy Box was the right company for you?

“So I used to get my own services done at Foxy Box in Victoria, and I absolutely loved the vibe. I loved the girls, I loved the feel, I loved the ‘no sorry policy’, and I always thought it would be so cool to own something like this, or to work in a place like this. When the opportunity presented itself, I was in between jobs and I decided to go for it!”


How did you know Calgary was the right place for a Foxy Box?

“We didn’t have anything in Calgary that focused just on hair removal. There was nothing that really focused on making women feel like they could pop in for an efficient, unapologetic service, be in-and-out quickly, and leave feeling FOXY. So it was much needed in our market, and we’re seeing that in our customers’ feedback now; everybody loves the concept of Foxy Box! We’re reasonably priced in the market, which makes it affordable for people to get their hair removal services, and we’ve been a welcome addition in Calgary.”


What inspired you to join a Franchise?

“I don’t have aesthetics in my background, (I actually have an econ background), so I realized I would need support to build something like this. And I loved that this was a franchise owned by women! Since step 1 the amount of support I’ve gotten has been remarkable. Every step of the way they’ve been there providing help, providing examples, and uplifting me. I knew I had some big shoes to fill, and I hope their support will help me do that.”


What are you enjoying most about this phase of business development?

“I call this our ‘growing pains’ stage; we’re new to the market, so people grin and laugh when they interact with the brand for the first time. It’s so fun introducing people to the company. We’re in a prime location, surrounded by tons of restaurants, bars and shops, so there’s lots of foot traffic. It’s so fun interacting with the community as they meet Foxy Box for the first time.”

What is the vision you hold in your heart for your shop?

“I see this being the premier location for laser and waxing in Calgary! My vision for my shop is that it’s a safe space for individuals to come and get services done. And I don’t see this as a one stop shop either – I’m opening a second location already! I want to infiltrate Calgary with the Foxy vibe; I think we’re a great addition to the community in terms of the services we provide, the events, the brand, and more, and I’m really excited to see where it will go.”


What advice or wisdom would you share with other women hoping to become entrepreneurs?

“Believe in yourself! And take that first step. Fear is always a big part of what holds us back, so when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.”


Can you share one of your favourite memories since signing on with Foxy Box?

“Eating oysters for the first time! (Ha ha). After I signed on, Kyla took me out for my first oyster platter to celebrate and I fell in love! I can’t wait to be back on the island to have fresh oysters again.”


What have you learned about yourself on this journey with Foxy Box in Calgary?

“That I can do it!! I was in a place where I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run a business. So following my heart, and following my brain and believing in myself has really paid off. I really believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”


What do YOU bring to the Foxy brand? How would you describe your presence as a leader?

“It’s hard to talk about yourself isn’t it? (Ha ha). I would say I’m charismatic, I have a personality that engages people, and I think that’s what you need to be a part of the Foxy brand. You need to be someone who draws people in, and I do believe that I have strong people skills, and that goes hand in hand with being a Foxy owner.”


Is there anything else you’d like to add before we say goodbye?

“Yes!! My team… I’m so proud of them! We have a kickass team, everyone has been working super hard to learn the ropes and give all our clients that Foxy feeling when they walk out the door, and I’m so grateful to have them.”

So if you’re a Calgarian looking for full body hair removal, brow laminations, lash lift and tints, and more, look no further friend! Taheera and her team have you covered. Come visit your friendly neighborhood Vagicians in Mission at 18th and 4th for laser hair removal and the best Brazilian waxing in Calgary!

And hold onto your butts babes… because Taheera will be opening up her SECOND location in the thriving University District community in Calgary’s Northwest later this year!! The future’s lookin’ foxy, Calgary. Follow along our Facebook page for more updates!


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