Downthere Skincare Advice From A Vagician

Sep 23, 2019

Down There Skincare Advice From a Friendly Neighbourhood Vagician 

When it comes to maintaining your silky smoothness post-wax, a consistent skincare routine is absolutely necessary! We do our part, and then it’s time for you to do yours. So this week we sat down with Senior Vagician Lily from our Victoria location to chat about the most important advice she gives to her clients after each appointment. Read on for some sage skincare tips from a seasoned expert… 

What are your top tips for keeping skin happy and healthy down there after a wax? 

“Post wax rules are there for a reason: to help you have the best experience and the healthiest skin! Here are my 3 no-no’s to avoid for one full day post-wax: 

  1. No exercise – waxing opens your pores, exposing them to sweat and bacteria, which can lead to infections, ingrown hairs or rashes (ouch!) 
  2. No fooling around or skin to skin contact – friction and a fresh wax are a recipe for disaster! And open pores are more susceptible to infection. It’s best to let them heal and close before contact with others. 
  3. No tanning or hot tubs – waxing removes the top layer of dry, dead skin cells which is great, like a wonderful exfoliating treatment, leaving skin soft and fresh after a wax. However this also makes you more susceptible to heat. You don’t want to burn or damage the skin with tanning and you should also avoid steamy saunas, hot tubs and baths. Bottom line: let yourself heal for 24 hours after a wax!” 

What’s your absolute favourite skincare product at Foxy? 

“My top fave is Flawless by Whish. I buy this product for myself and have been over the moon with the results for preventing ingrowns. As a professional herbalist, I tend to be a bit of a nerd when it comes to purchasing products and using things that I don’t make myself. I wouldn’t put something down there daily if it weren’t totally natural and safe. I hold the bar obscenely high when it comes to skincare and Flawless passed my scrutiny with flying colours! Not only is it filled with a ton of great plants and enzymes, but it’s all natural, gentle and super effective. 

Flawless has an aloe vera base, so it is moisturizes but it’s not sticky or oily on my skin. It contains antibacterial herbs, anti-inflammatory herbs and Papaya enzyme (which contains papain) that metabolizes and exfoliates dead skin away, while at the same time moisturizing and repairing the skin. It’s perfect for daily use after waxing!” 

What’s the most common skincare mistake you see clients make? 

“HOT YOGA! Just kidding… l love hot yoga. But here is something to consider after your yoga, spin class or anything that makes you sweat in your yoga pants. The material that they use to make sports clothing is meant to wick up sweat. Sweat holds bacteria! These pants are tight on your skin, so after you workout, get those pants OFF. Wash your skin with clean water and put on fresh cotton underwear. How many times have you been to something like hot yoga, then on the way home stop to meet a friend for a coffee, or get some groceries… still in your yoga pants!? Next thing you know, you’ve stayed in those bacteria soaked pants all day. This can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Hot Tip * Keep some I LOVE MY MUFF cleansing wipes in your gym bag – they’re great for freshening up on the fly!” 

What has becoming a Vagician taught you about skincare? 

“With years of experience and such a high volume of clients coming through every day, I have really been able to do some detective work on common skin problems. The truth is… clients who understand the WHAT & WHY for our pre and post wax routine tend to have much better results with regard to skincare. Still having trouble? Depending on your hair follicles, skin type and the results you’ve had from waxing we might suggest alternatives like laser hair reduction to help your skin. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we’re here to help!” 

Any last pearls of wisdom? 

“Love your gorgeous self! Don’t be so hard on your skin. It’s our largest organ and is working hard to protect you all the time. Be kind and gentle with it.” 

♥ – Thanks Lily! 

If you have any questions about down there skincare, how to prep your skin before a wax, which products to use for your skin type, or anything else about hair removal, reach out to your friendly neighbourhood Vagicians! 

You can find more waxing tips and tricks in our FAQ section. Interested in joining the Foxy Family? Click here to learn about Franchise opportunities in your area, and click here to learn about becoming a Vagician! 

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