Beam Me Up Foxy!

Jun 10, 2021

Are you ready to board the foxy spaceship babe?  Because our laser machine is out of this world!  It offers fast, effective, and long lasting treatments to help our clients achieve silky, smoothness that stays.  If you’ve been wondering whether laser is right for you, read on to get the lowdown on laser…

Laser hair removal became commercially available in the late 90’s, and with a steady increase in popularity since then, the technology used has improved remarkably in the last 20 years.  Meaning we now have access to quicker, less painful, and more effective treatments than ever before!  And we sought out the best of the best.  We needed to find a laser that could live up to our brand promise: total convenience, unmatched consistency, and the best hair removal experience ever.  Period.  And we found it.  

Our super sweet laser is efficient, effective and safe.  It provides high-volume hair reduction for a wide range of hair types and skin types, it has innovative new Skintel technology built in to measure each client’s melanin index before every appointment, AND it has a cooling tip to soothe the skin during treatments.  Mic drop. 

Will it work for me…

At Foxy we use a diode laser, one that’s effective for all skin types, on all areas!  Diode lasers use a light beam with a narrow spectrum to selectively damage the melanin in hair follicles, resulting in the disruption of hair growth while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.  Unlike IPL, Diode Lasers have a deep penetration level and can target even the most coarse or stubborn hairs.  It has superior melanin absorption, making it safe as a hair removal method for all skin types and body areas.  “The diode laser is the Mercedes Benz of all lasers,” jokes New York City dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D.

Hair colour can have an effect on your eligibility for successful laser treatments.  Because laser technology targets the melanin in your hair, it can be difficult to effectively treat clients with blonde, white or gray hair.  Your best bet is to book in for a free consultation with one of our technicians, they can make a professional assessment for you based on the colour and coarseness of your hair.

 What’s it like… 

If you’re new to laser, here’s what you can expect during your appointment.  First, the area of your body being treated should be clean-shaven prior to your service.  So this will be the one and ONLY time we’ll recommend the use of a razor (is this opposite day?)  Then, in preparation for the treatment, your Vagician will hand you some very chic safety goggles (it’s opposite day remember) to protect those pretty peepers from the laser.  

Next we use the Skintel reader to measure your skin’s melanin index, determining the ideal settings for you, and ensuring the safest and most effective results.  Once your Vagician has an accurate reading, they will guide the laser handpiece over the area being treated.  The handpiece will emit beams of laser energy which are absorbed by your follicles and converted to heat, disabling them from future growth.  How cool is science?!

One of the best features on our super sweet new laser is the Advanced Contact Cooling… as your Vagician guides the handpiece over the treatment area you’ll feel cooling on your skin.  This contact cooling will maximize your comfort during your treatment, so you can breathe easy.  After your appointment is over, your hairs won’t always fall out immediately, they’ll shed over a period of days to weeks.  So don’t panic if you’re still feeling fuzzy immediately after your laser date, smoother times are coming…!

Okay, but does it really work…

Now the best part, laser treatments keep you smoother for longer!  It should be noted that this technology doesn’t always guarantee permanent hair removal.  Michelle Bilodeau writes for CBC Life, “while it isn’t permanent, per se (our ever-changing hormones mean that sometimes unwanted hair can come back), it’s the most lasting solution we’ve got.”  After years of temporary fixes like shaving, tweezing, waxing, and using those gnarly depilatory creams that dissolve your hair and dry up your skin, a treatment that offers longer-lasting hair reduction sounds pretty fantastic.

What you can expect from these treatments is a steady decrease in hair thickness and in the amount of hair present.  Ideal candidates for laser will see a 70 – 90% decrease in hair after a full set of 6 – 8 treatments.  AND an added bonus to this dramatic reduction in hair growth is the decrease in ingrowns that most clients experience.  Less ingrown hairs?!  Hallelujah, praise Beyoncé!

It’s the way of the future…

Based on industry analysis, it’s easy to see that laser is the way of the future.  We love it because it’s quick like a fox, it works like a hot damn, AND the introduction of this new technology has allowed us to diversify our offerings and reach a wider client base.  And the cherry on top: it’s a great way to help our franchise partners corner the market on silky smooooothness.  Hop aboard our spaceship baby, the future is looking foxy!

*Are you curious about permanent laser hair reduction?  Click here to book your free consultation and learn more!

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