Nov 4, 2019

WE’RE STRONGER TOGETHER The Symbiotic Nature of the Franchise Model 

We’re Stronger Together | Sisterhood is unstoppable and we wholeheartedly believe that our successes and tribulations are intrinsically linked. Our thoughts and actions create a powerful ripple effect in our lives, our business, our community and ultimately…the world.” 

This is one of our Foxy core values, our decision makers, our manifesto, a belief we built the brand on. It’s a value that mirrors the biological process of symbiosis: a mutually beneficial relationship between two parties that rely on each other for survival. Seen often in nature, it’s the perfect representation of a “win-win” model. It can be said that this is the foundational basis of the franchise structure. By joining forces behind a common vision and mission, business owners can achieve greater success together than they can on their own. Joining a franchise is a great way to become an entrepreneur while also becoming part of a team; a team of people that depend on each other for success, support each other through the rigors of business ownership and capitalize on the combined innovation and creativity generated through many minds focusing on the same dream. 

Shared wins – “If I’m shinin’ everybody gonna shine”… 

Here’s a little Franchising 101 for you: the parent company (the franchisor), depends on happy, profitable, successful franchisees in order to grow. They generate royalties, they proliferate brand 

loyalty and recognition, and they act as a success story for further franchise development. The franchisee (new business owner) depends on the franchisor (parent company) for the structure, systems and support provided to open and operate a thriving business. “By buying a franchise, a budding business person receives an established operation and thus avoids having to create elaborate business plans, find locations, and undertake all the other myriad aspects of building a business,” says Tony Wanless for the CBC. Since the survival of each business relies on the other, cooperation is required. There’s a comfort that comes with knowing that you’re not the only person truly committed to your success, everybody’s got skin in the game (gross… where does that expression come from??) 

Collaboration fosters innovation – Two heads are better than one… 

This may seem a little confusing considering that franchise systems come with an already developed business structure. “One of the most appealing reasons to buy a franchise is that you’re buying a proven concept rather than starting a business from scratch,” says Barbara Booth for CNBC. And it’s true, when you join a franchise system a lot of the creative legwork is done for you. But great businesses, like people, evolve and grow as time goes on. Adapting to new technologies, new competitors, new ideas and shifts in the marketplace is a lot easier with a built in network of partners who can collaborate on how to optimize the business. There’s power in numbers, and when a group of committed team members put their heads together, magic happens! 

Built-in Support Network – I get by with a little help from my friends… 

I’m going to give it to you straight babes, entrepreneurship is really tough! It’s a grind. A glorious grind that requires vision, guts, dedication, a strong work ethic and a crew of compassionate supporters in your corner. When you join a franchise system, you get that support in spades. A strong franchisor is there to be your mentor, cheerleader, confidante and your partner. “A major part of what makes a franchise successful is its easily replicable system, which includes training employees at every location in how business is done; you’ll get help bringing new hires up to speed on how things operate—often with on-site training on opening procedures, daily operations, using point-of-sale software, and more,” writes Jared Hecht for Forbes magazine. You’re not alone, we’re in this together sister! 

Foxy framework for success – With our powers combined… 

So what have we learned about owning and operating a business? Teamwork makes the dream work baby. The franchise model works best when we truly tap in to the power of collaboration. Our commitment to each other’s mutual success is the ticket to a thriving franchise partnership. If you want to go far, go together. 

Are you curious about the Foxy business model? Interested in joining the Foxy Family? Click here to learn about Franchise opportunities in your area! 

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