Drop Your Drawers Duncan!

Feb 10, 2021

This week we sat down with our new Franchise Partner Tiffany to check in and see what life after joining the Foxy Family looks like, how she’s feeling about becoming a business owner and what drew her to our brand in the first place.  Read on to learn more about our fabulous franchise partner in Duncan!


How did you know Foxy Box was the right company for you?

“The idea of a strong group of women working together to build each other up and support each other’s businesses sounded perfect to me. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?”


What makes Duncan the perfect place to open a Foxy Box?

“Being in Duncan I know a lot of people don’t always want to travel to Victoria over the Malahat or to Nanaimo if they don’t have to. With Duncan being right in the middle I believe it’s the perfect spot for all surrounding areas to come feel foxy ;)”


What inspired you to join a Franchise? 

“Foxy Box has a stellar group of women working together to build a flawless formula for success. I’m so excited to see what my future holds being part of this franchise, and even more feeling the support of a tight-knit family.”


What are you learning about the Duncan business community through this new Foxy venture?

“Duncan appears to be a thriving, up-and-coming area, and I’m looking forward to being an integral part of the business community!”


What are you enjoying most about this pre-open phase?

“So far my favourite part is getting together with the ladies, searching for the perfect space and brainstorming ideas to make the space perfect.”


What is the vision you hold in your heart for your shop?  What do you see when you close your eyes and picture it?

“I hope one day to see my own girls working alongside me. I want to succeed, and I want all of my kids to see that if you have a dream or an idea, the only ways it’s going to work is if you work for it.”


What advice or wisdom would you share with other women hoping to become entrepreneurs?

“Just go for it! There’s always going to be someone or something trying to hold you back, but with ambition and a good work ethic you can be a success at whatever you choose.”


Can you share one of your favourite memories since signing on with Foxy?

“Every moment has created its own new perfect memory and new experience. I love chatting with everyone as they all make me so excited to be part of such an amazing family. Though meeting the ladies face to face was an almost celebrity moment ;)”


What have you learned about yourself on this journey with Foxy?

“I have learned that I’m capable of so many things that I have doubted about myself time and time again. The genuine support and understanding from the entire team is absolutely amazing!” 


What do YOU bring to the Foxy brand?

“I’ve always had a passion for Esthetics and the beauty industry. Not only will I bring enthusiasm and commitment to the Foxy brand, I’m excited about creating a successful business relationship with others in my community. I can’t wait to start this new journey in a field I have a passion for!”


We’re so excited to welcome Tiffany to the Foxy Fam! Stay tuned for more updates as she scouts locations and begins the build out on her brand new laser and wax bar. Drop your drawers Duncan, there’s a new fox in town 😉

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