Foxy Box Wax Bar

Holiday Giftspiration For The Foxes in Your Life


Welcome to your annual Foxy Gift Guide! We’re getting closer and closer to the jolliest, jingliest day of the year, so in celebration of this most wonderful time of the year we’ve assembled a fabulous list of nifty giftys for the foxy loves in your life! Whether you’re on Team Santa or Team Scrooge, this selection of goodies is sure to delight. Scroll down to peruse our Foxy Holiday selections. From luscious natural skincare products, to stunning jewelry, to waxing bundles, to fresh foxy fashion, there are plenty of options to fill you with festive giftspiration! 

Gift Cards – A Gift Card is truly the best of both worlds, it’s a present that lets your loved one choose their own adventure! We’ll load one of these cards with whatever value you decide, so it’s also a gift that suits any budget! Foxy Box Gift Cards can be redeemed for any service or product that we offer, so the sky’s the limit in terms of choice. Give the gift of whatever the heck THEY want this year and get your girl one of these shiny tickets to free stuff at her favourite wax & laser bar (spoiler alert… it’s Foxy Box!) 

Eyenvy Lash Conditioner – This magic serum is your one way ticket to Va-Va-Voom lash-action. It’s one of our most popular products, and for good reason! Eyenvy makes your lashes grow long, fluffy and luscious. Tuck one of these tubes into her stocking and get ready to say, “Oh, hi there bambi…”

I Love My Muff Cleanser – This super gentle, hydrating soap goes on like honey and forms a soft lather. It’s a great all natural body wash for your more delicate regions, especially after hair removal! It’s cruelty free, 

vegan, free of parabens, SLS, synthetic colors and fragrances, and lovingly handmade in Canada. Available in two fantastic fragrances, Spa Fresh Blue: Orange blossom extract with lavender, patchouli, and geranium essential oils, OR Sweet Citrus Green: Grapefruit extract with vanilla and ylang ylang essential oils. 

10 Wax Punch Card – The gift that keeps on giving! Buy a Punch Card and attach it to your favourite galpal’s client file for a treat she can use all year round! These Punch Cards give you huge savings on waxing services (some of the hottest prices we offer) and last for two years from the time of purchase. 

Bush Balm Serum – The highest quality blend of oils to hydrate and moisturize your hair and skin! Wrap one up and give it to a friend… or keep it for yourself! We won’t tell. Use these lightweight oil blends post-shower while your skin is still damp to moisturize and bring you lasting hydration. Treats and prevents ingrown hairs, softens your skin, helps take down bikini line redness, any way you use it, it’s a win for your skin! Pick yours up today and indulge in soft, silky smoothness. 

Box of 25 Fresh Wipes – These are a staple for the busy babe on the go. Grab a box of 25 and pop it under the tree this holiday season, or tuck individually wrapped wipes inside your Christmas Cards! These life-savers lovingly freshen anytime, anywhere. They are moistened with extracts of cucumber, chamomile, vitamin E, and lavender oil for soothing freshness. Stock up on these cool, calm and convenient wipes for whenever you need one. Hypoallergenic, biodegradable and flushable; they’re confidence you can carry! 

Foxy Mugs – Treat your nearest and dearest to a foxier morning routine! The best way to start the day is with a mug full of awesome. We have a selection of original designs for you to choose from, and they’re the perfect size for stocking stuffers! 

The Box Detox – The LEGENDARY Box Detox is a kit we’ve assembled that has everything you need to complement your Brazilian & prevent those pesky ingrowns. Consider it your one-stop-waxing-shop! From chemical exfoliants, to gentle moisturizers & healing creams, these kits have all the ingredients you need for smooth, healthy, happy skin. This prezzie is the perfect assortment of goodies for the wax fanatic in your life! 

Jewelry – statement necklaces, drop earrings and locally-made beaded intention bracelets, we have a selection of beautiful pieces that would make wonderful gifts. Come peruse our shelves to see these tiny treasures for yourself! 

Cute Tops – Give the gift of fresh, foxy fashion this festive season. We’ve got tees, crop tops and tanks from some of our favourite brands . So you can look and feel foxy as all heck! 

Now that we’ve filled your brain with all these fabulous gift ideas, get your cute booty down to your local Box pronto! Many of the items on this list are being featured in our 12 Days of Xmas Discounts & Giveaways, so follow us on Instagram and Facebook to track our daily deals. If you miss out on these prezzies before the holidays, make sure you hit up our BOX-ing week sale for 20% off all products! Merry ho-ho and lots of love from your Foxy Family –