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We sat down with boss babe Tara to check in and see what life after her Grand Opening Party looks like, how she’s feeling about becoming a business owner and to discuss what drew her to our brand in the first place. Read on to hear an update from our fabulous franchise partner! 

  1. How did you know Foxy Box was the right company for you? “There was support always!!! Every person I met in the company loved what they were doing and provided all the answers I needed ALWAYS. The resources and pool of talent in Foxy Box is amazing!” 
  2. How did you know your location was the right place for this business? The location we chose in Old City Quarter is stunning, lovely and the neighbourhood is so friendly. All the business are so supportive and we are thrilled to be part of the community. The house offers an amazing space with 4 treatment rooms and a 5th room being added for laser hair removal!” 
  3. What inspired you to join a Franchise? “I was a customer at Foxy box Courtenay. I always loved going to my appointment and felt uplifted when I left. When I found out they were franchising I started to do my research. Previous to Foxy Box I had never considered a franchise. Once I met Kyla and the other women she had partnered with, it was a no brainer! I love coming to work and I love everything about Foxy box. It is a solid company and is going to go big. It’s an amazing brand to be partnered with.” 
  4. What makes Nanaimo the perfect place to start a business? “Nanaimo is an amazing place to start a business. It’s so unique and the downtown core is just bursting with energy. The town has been on a huge upswing of new people moving to the community and I love living here. So many diverse areas to explore and nature right at our doorstep! Nanaimo has grown out it’s small town feel but it’s not so big that you get lost in the growth.” 
  5. What are you learning about the Nanaimo business community through this new Foxy venture? “Everyone is super supportive. I have joined the Nanaimo Women’s Business Network and from the moment I introduced myself they have gone out of their way to support, include and cheer me on from the sidelines. These women truly ROCK. What a great business community to join.” 
  6. What feels most exciting to you right now at your current point in this journey? “Our doors have been open for 1 month! Incredible! The feedback we are receiving from our clients has been mind blowing! They love Foxy Box and we are so grateful for their support. Foxy Box is like a party every day! I am looking forward to the next month and continuing to grow and ensure Foxy Box Nanaimo is going to shoot right out of the universe.” 
  7. What 3 words would you use to describe your team? “WOW, they rock! Superstars, passionate, committed.” 
  8. What advice or wisdom would you share with other women hoping to become entrepreneurs? “Make sure your values align with the business. Really consider and delve into what you desire your life to look like. What do you need at this point in your life? If you need to be at home with your kids after school and in real life, will your new business support that? Can you work at home? Can you set business hours and align yourself with people to help build your dream? There are so many things to consider. Foxy Box aligned with everything I was looking for. The training, system and infrastructure that exists is a perfect fit for myself and family. Of course, there are always days that don’t go as planned, but that’s life. I am truly experiencing a balance that allows me to excel in my career as well as have a life to go home to after hours.” 
  1. Can you share one of your favourite memories since signing on with Foxy? “I loved our Grand Opening Party. It was such a culminating event of prepping the space, setting it up, finding the amazing foxes to join my team, and then getting to celebrate with our community. It was a total blast!” 
  2. What have you learned about yourself on this journey with Foxy? “Wow. So much! My learning curve has been straight up, but I have been able to achieve a balance with work and my own personal desires. I didn’t know it was possible until now.” 

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