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Spread Some Festive Cheer!


Foxy Festivities Are Here & We’re Ready To Spread Some Cheer!

Is it just us, or are Christmas trees springing up earlier and earlier? We’ve barely finished the halloween candy before Mariah Carey is reading off her one item wish list in perfect pitch.  But the part of the holidays that’s always welcome (besides karaoke at work parties) is the spirit. It seems folks have more of a spring in their step, a smile to share and the time to look out for their fellow humans.  It’s almost like…you’re in a Foxy Box all the time!

Whether you’ve just had your first visit or if you’re a seasoned regular, you know the feeling you get when you step inside your local den. Not only do we know how to welcome you with open arms (and your dogs and babies!) your Vagician knows just what to do to make you comfortable. It might be remembering that exam you were studying for or putting on your favourite distraction on the TV (I’m a Clueless girl myself!).  Either way, we endeavour to put you at ease and like the loving sisterhood we are, send you into the world brighter and better. In the spirit of the season, it wouldn’t feel right to keep all these good vibes to yourself now would it?

Could you imagine not having that kind of positive support in your life? For many in our community that can be the case. Folks all around us are struggling to make ends meet, finding housing and even worse; totally homeless and without the basic needs we have come to know and expect. Although these needs continue year-round, the needs of the community can swell over the holidays and any and all help is so much appreciated.

The good news is there are so many options to help out this season and we have partnered with two fantastic organizations in Victoria and Comox to help as many people as we can have that same feeling of empowerment, care and support we have all had the privilege to enjoy!

Here’s the deal, Babes! From December 1st-11th drop off a donation to your local Foxy Box and receive 10% off ANY product or service. Yep, it’s that simple! If you’re a Victoria area fox, head to The Backpack Project Facebook page to check out the items that are needed, pick up a few and drop them off with us. Babes in Courtenay please follow this link to The Comox Valley Transition Society as needs there are slightly different. Then simply drop off the items at the den and receive your discount! We’ll also be posting daily reminders on social media so head over to our instagram for more info.

Looking good never felt so good knowing you’re helping others in need and it warms our foxy hearts to see us all come together and do what we do best-lift each other up!

So, like the seasonal goddess Mariah herself, be extra, do extra and remember all WE want for Christmas is YOU (to donate to our partnered organizations)! Happy donating and saving!